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Leo and Peggy Pierce


The Leo and Peggy Pierce Family Foundation was founded in 1997 by Leo Pierce, Sr., and his wife Peggy Pierce. Though Leo and Peggy have since passed away, their legacy lives on through the foundation, which is governed by their children and grandchildren.


The Leo and Peggy Pierce Family Foundation seeks to end hunger and food insecurity in the five-county Philadelphia area. The Foundation makes grants to support activities that address hunger and food insecurity through direct service programs and/or advocacy efforts.

Board of Directors

  • Connie Buckley, Chairman/President
  • Molly Pierce, Vice President/Secretary
  • Michael Pierce, Treasurer
  • Leo Pierce Jr./Assistant Secretary
  • Kathy (Pierce) Cox
  • Eve Pierce
  • Kathie Pierce
  • J. Peter Pierce
  • Barbara (Pierce) Quinn

Associate Board

  • Hilary Buckley
  • Adrian Cox